Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful for.

hello blog world,

after a few unsuccessful attempts at a blog, hopefully this time we're here to stay. we are erin and chad mcneely, a newly married couple figuring this whole "life" thing out together.

and today is thanksgiving (!!) and today we start our blog, thankful for so much. thankful for the chance to spend the holiday weekend with the most wonderful family, and the knowledge that we have the very best and most loving friends. thankful for the fact that we have food on the table and won't have to worry about where we will find food next. (and the fact that the food on the table is the most delicious food!) thankful for our beautiful God and His grace, and thankful for the fact that we have found each other, and that we get to do life side by side. and thankful for cheesecake, too.

we are just loving being married, and our hope is that this blog will let you in on the little world we've begun to create for ourselves. (marriage is fun!)

and now i leave you with some lovin' from a magical thanksgiving a few years back (when i lived in a beautiful place we called "the womb"... but more on those beauties later.)

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