Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's been awhile!

Well, its been a little over two years since I've posted on this little blog of mine. I'm not sure I could quite say why I stopped blogging... I loved this space and I loved the little community that I formed here. I guess life just got in the way... graduate school and new jobs and new experiences. I lost the vision for this sweet little blog. But I haven't stopped writing... I've been over at Darling Magazine for the past year or so, and now I've decided to return to the blog world! A little bit older and wiser than when I last left. 

And so, if any of my dear old readers are still out there, I'd love to invite you to join me over at I'm just getting started, but I'm excited for what this blog could become and I'd love to get reacquainted with you! Thanks again for making "his & hers" such a fun little venture for a period of time. I had a blast. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


i wish i was better at following through. i used to be great at it; i used to value it above much else. but lately a symptom of this mid-twenties "what on earth am i doing with my life? what is my calling and passion?" has been inconsistency and lack of motivation. i make goals and promises to myself that i am going to "do this" (insert my pervious blog post that promised to blog more) and "be that", but somewhere along the lines i lost the motivation for follow through. this is new for me, and i really don't like the way that it fits.

i had a long spa date the other day with a very good friend, and one of the wisest people i know. i left that date with a renewed sense of purpose and new set of goals, and it feels oh so good. action is always the best medicine. who knew growing into adulthood and into yourself would be such a task and would require so much strength and energy?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

unplanned hiatus, over.

after an absolutely insanely busy and exhausting, yet wonderful summer, i'm back in business. my hiatus from the blogging wasn't really planned, but i definitely was a slacker the past few months. and you know what? i missed it. i really did. i missed sharing with you and i missed you sharing with me. we've got some catching up to do.

there is so much to say and so much to tell. here's a little preview via instagram.
details to come.

1. a summer filled with lots of beautiful beach days.
2. a crazy dog that dominated much of our time (and love, of course.)
3. a spur of the moment mini trip to portland.
4. lots of travel time.
5. hours and hours and hours on this airplane.
6. all to see the cutest children in the world.
7. hello kitty came to yogurtland this summer, making my happy place even happier.
8. welcoming in my 25th year with...
9. VEGAS! and the beautiful bellagio ceiling.

Monday, August 1, 2011

goodbye america.

tomorrow we're off to swaziland. it's been so busy trying to pull this trip together and there is a very long journey ahead of us (21 hour flight and 6 hour bus ride) but i know the second that i step onto the carepoint all of the crazy will be worth it. chad and i have never traveled internationally together, my passport has been untouched for far too long and i've missed these faces so much the past two years. i'm ready.

please remember us in prayer. we'll be back august 16th and don't be surprised if shortly after i write about having smuggled back a swazi child (or two) to raise as my own.

Friday, July 29, 2011


although made up of miles of to-do lists, far too many functions, and an all around busyness, july proved to be a fairly introspective month for me. i took an unintentional break from the internet and blogging and it proved to be a really good thing. i was able to reevaluate my purpose in a lot of areas (something i try to do often), and discovered much about myself and what i think my next steps in life are going to be.
stay tuned... life could (will) get (even more) interesting.

and on tuesday i get to travel back to one of my favorite places on the earth, swaziland. a country full of the most beautiful people i've ever known. while i've somewhat gotten caught up in the monotony and paperwork that comes with planning a trip like this for 31 people, my heart is still so full and ready to be poured out and my empty arms are ready to hold some swazi babies and never set them down.
a few little polies from my last trip.

Friday, July 8, 2011

heat and houseboats.

home from lake mohave, 12 shades darker and still recovering. but the trip (while exhausting) was just too good. sometimes i can't believe i do this for a living.

1. parasail adventures.
2. my little baby.
3. 85 insane students whom i love.
4. the risks we take for a good camera shot.
5. record breaking.
6. beautiful camp.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the crazy month of june.

june was a crazy time.
we had so much going on, and the rest of the month is going to fly even faster.
here's a little recap of the whirlwind that it was.

1. chad took up the ukulele in the beginning of the month,
2. we had a sangria party to kick off the summer,
3. and i attended a beautiful malibu wedding.
4. we got a puppy! and he bonded with neighbors,
5. and is the cutest thing i've ever seen,
6. and everyone loves and fawns over him (he's totally spoiled.)
7. some of my littles graduated
8. and i played mommy at their prom (kids these days wear the best shoes to dances,)
7. and little brother jared returned home from ethiopia and was bearing gifts.

tomorrow morning i'm off on houseboats. i'll return on friday, hopefully sun kissed and full of love and good stories.
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