Monday, February 28, 2011

los angeles, i'm yours.

a very large part of my heart is found in skid row in downtown la.
it's a heavy place, full of some heart-wrenching stories.
and sometimes it's really hard to be there, but more often than not it's much harder to leave.
i've met some of the kindest, most open and transparent people on those streets.
i've met people with more faith and joy than i've ever known.
they know God's grace in a totally different way than i do. it's a beautiful thing.

i haven't been up to visit since november, but this weekend we'll be taking our students up there once again while they are participating in the 30 hour famine.
i'm so excited, it's been way too long since i've seen my friends.
so, for anticipation's sake...

1. the city of angels in all of it's glory.
2. jake and his favorite friend a few years ago.
3. the cutest resident of the union rescue mission and what happened when he got ahold of my phone.
4. the roof at night time, the view right before we fell asleep.


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Great photos! I miss Cali myself

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Nicole Marie said...

amazing pictures!!!

Taylor Yves said...

i totally thought the first two pictures were one picture! what students are you bringing to LA?

Gabriella said...

Love the picture at night!

Sophie said...

sounds like it will be amazing to go back. i love visiting old cherished places that mean so much to you. loving the photos too x

Megan said...

sigh close to my heart.

Tiffany said...

hi! these are amazing photos :)

Laura Nelson said...

you have such a cute blog! I love these pics of the city, gorgeous :)

Katie Jo said...

I think l.a. is so beautiful, even with it's not-so-great locations...i miss california SO much!

Megan said...

Amazing pictures...sounds like you have touched a lot of lives there!

Ashley said...

These are such great pictures!!! Love them all. :) xo

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! I love 2 of the skyline.

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