Thursday, September 15, 2011


i wish i was better at following through. i used to be great at it; i used to value it above much else. but lately a symptom of this mid-twenties "what on earth am i doing with my life? what is my calling and passion?" has been inconsistency and lack of motivation. i make goals and promises to myself that i am going to "do this" (insert my pervious blog post that promised to blog more) and "be that", but somewhere along the lines i lost the motivation for follow through. this is new for me, and i really don't like the way that it fits.

i had a long spa date the other day with a very good friend, and one of the wisest people i know. i left that date with a renewed sense of purpose and new set of goals, and it feels oh so good. action is always the best medicine. who knew growing into adulthood and into yourself would be such a task and would require so much strength and energy?


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Carissa Clark said...

I rediscovered your blog again, and I still love it.
Seriously, for me as well, it has been so difficult to follow through on certain things, life is moving by to quickly! I love your list!