Wednesday, February 2, 2011

quarter-life never looked so good.

mister's 25th birthday was a complete success, which means i get to give myself a "win" in the new-wife category.

the morning started off with a breakfast burrito in bed for chad and a text message for me from my boss saying that i could have the day off. i can't imagine a better way to start the day, really.
we spent the morning laying around on the couch and watching those crazy kardashians, tosh.o and boy meets world. then we got motivated around noon and went out to lunch, followed by some shopping and an afternoon movie, "the fighter." loved it.

we headed home, jamming to the new kanye, and got fancy for dinner. then the most delicious meal at the chart house over looking the harbor. gluttony galore. we rolled out of the restaurant so full we could barely move, back to our place for some funfetti and moscato. more gluttony. a little old school super mario brothers until we then passed out on the couch to "cruel intentions."
days don't get much better than this.


kELLO! said...

how cute are you. i give myself a "win"
love it.
wine and cake. best birthday ever.

he calls me wifey said...

that looks like an awesome day. happy birthday to chad!

Carrie said...

A day off. The Chart House. The Fighter. The Kardashians. Sounds like a perfect day to me as well. :)

AlyBee said...

Hi there! I was googling random wedding stuff and found a series of blogs where I ended up at yours :) I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous/fun your wedding looked. Also that you have some really funny and insightful things to say, some of which has inspired me. So thank-you for that from a totally random stranger :) Oh and happy b-day to your mister!

bebe bird beck said...

What a perfect day! You are such a sweet little wife! I love it. :]]

thank you for the super sweet comment on my blog also! :]

Jenni Austria Germany said...

so many things to say:

love the new kanye. that cake looks amazing. your husband is cute! i like that bday card (cute handwriting). looks like a perfect breakfast in bed to me!