Thursday, March 10, 2011

catalina and one of my favorite ladies.

today is my dear friend marina's 25th birthday (and oh how i wish she had a blog, you'd love her.) so since i've got marina on the brain, i've also got a little place called campus by the sea on the brain, since she introduced me to this magical cove on catalina island where we worked and lived a few summers ago.

i can't really put into words the feelings that evoke when i think about this camp. this place is seriously a little slice of heaven on earth, you feel an instant peace the second you step onto it's rocky shores. it's a family camp, so it's about as quirky as it gets. birthday skits, wacky cake, camp songs and traditions, wednesday night dance night and a family milk-jug boat race (my personal favorite, some families plan their boat design for months.)

and while that summer was one of the most challenging and confusing periods in my life (somewhat of an understatement), that camp and the people in it forever changed me and will always be one of my best memories. i miss it all of the time.

1. one of my favorite pictures of the birthday girl and i on the boat to avalon.
2. some of my favorite people in the world.
3. the hike to the cross (one of the only hikes i would participate in.)
4. campus by the sea in all of it's glory.
5. courtyard coffee in avalon. easily my favorite coffee shop ever.


Katie Jo said...

I lived in Southern California most of my life (until I up and moved to MI 5 yrs ago)...and have never been to Catalina...SO sad!!

Taylor Yves said...

aw, campus by the sea :)

Mariel Torres said...

a campus by the sea sounds like a dream,,,

mj said...

catalina looks amazing. i want to go there some day.

Rylie Renee said...

cuuuute pictures!

I like 'em. :)


everyone calls me bon bon said...

Oh my word. I need sunshine asap. Fabulous pictures girl! xoxo