Tuesday, March 22, 2011


st. patty's day fun.
laying low in front of the t.v. friday morning.
some real good tobin time.
lots of justin bieber (don't hate.)
yard house and the queen mary jazz bar to celebrate three of my favorite people, including this girl. and finally getting to spend some time with this girl.
so much good food.
even more coffee.
crazy thunderstorms.
anniversary celebrating (kind of.)
early morning hospital waiting (everyone is okay though.)
grad-school researching.
finding chad's wedding ring that's been lost since thanksgiving.
a little bradley cooper, yum (but we kind of hated limitless.)
bubble bath.
broken phone.
finally getting a good night's sleep.

and not taking pictures of any of it. i'm so lame sometimes.

however, this little lady is coming home to la soon, and that is something to celebrate.


CCH said...

ah! just stumbled on your blog. ME=happy!

Katie Jo said...

I love the Biebs...

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

Sounds fun!
Yay for finding his ring :)

jamie said...


M. said...

just found your blog- so cute!
it's a good thing, to find long lost wedding rings!


Ashley said...

Bradley Cooper makes any weekend fabulous. ;) Sad to hear Limitless was not great, though. Booo.

Such a cute pic!!!

Kylie said...

hi erin! cute picture ;)

we are moving to cusco, peru! i'm sad to leave heavenly hawaii but happy we are going somewhere equally rewarding :)

vintch said...

sounds like such a fabulous time:) i've been on the fence about limitless. i have not seen it, but for some reason bradley cooper looks more like bradley goober in the previews:(

we had crazy thunderstorms in n.c. over the weekend, and last night too. have a beautiful, blessed week!