Tuesday, May 10, 2011


so many late nights. i feel like i'm in college again.
this weekend was too good. full of food and drink and so many good conversations. like, the kind of conversations that leave you a richer person. i've had them in abundance over the past four days.

- cinco de mayo with margaritas and flamenco.
- sitting around in the sunny backyard all day with my two favorite boys.
- little brother's 21st birthday bbq and the various festivities that go along with becoming of age, like dive bars and jute boxes and pool.
- paul is dead conspiracies.
- recovery day with the mister on the couch. making pizza and watching 2 entire discs of friends.
- "rolling in the deep" on repeat in my head.
- slumber party with tobin.
- celebrating my wonderful mama.

it was one of the more refreshing weekends i've had in awhile, and because i'm feeling refreshed, i'm going to go ahead and leave you with a little nugget that will hopefully leave you feeling refreshed as well. this song/gillian welch get me every time. enjoy.
happy tuesday everyone.


Petite Voyageur said...

yes, rolling in the deep on repeat! try set fire to the rain..amazeballs! love your blog :) xx Sienna

Katie Jo said...

sounds like such a fun and relaxing weekend!

Lace.and.Likes. said...

sounds so lovely lady
can't wait to hang with you in so cal soon!

Anonymous said...

Love everything about this post <3 <3

Sophie said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! i love those weekends full of amazing food and company. its perfection x

Amy G. said...

thank you for this song.