Monday, January 24, 2011

ciao bella.

this is my baby sister leah.
she is tall and gorgeous. she has style to kill. she is smart and incredibly driven. she's a fantastic story teller. she is a fantastic photographer. she is hilarious (always has been.)

and today she leaves to study abroad in florence for the semester.
my jealously is only curbed by my excitement for her and the adventures she is going to have and the people she is going to meet and the beauty she is going to take in and the food she is going to consume.

follow her blog postcards from italy to live vicariously through her. i know that's what i'll be doing.


Eva said...

oh man, even I'M jealous of her. little sisters grow up so fast don't they? I know mine did :(

Jenni Austria Germany said...

steve madden boots? love them.