Saturday, January 29, 2011

a note to self:

that life is good.

lately things have been a bit nutsy. mister got a new job that required him to learn everything there is to know about fancy food and wine, so this past week he was studying every second that he was not working. (but he did pass his test!) and my work schedule is always pretty insane, so we only saw each other in passing and really late at night. that on top of the fact that pretty much everyone i know is going through something really difficult right now... it's all given me a heavy heart and (i hate to say it) a cynical taste in my mouth this past week. (and i really dislike cynicism.)

but today i woke up, made my coffee, opened all of the windows and was flooded with thankfulness. life is hard, yes. but it is also good. how many times must i learn the lesson that pain and joy can coexist? hard doesn't always mean bad. we were never promised a easy life. in fact, let's be honest... an easy life sounds kind of dull.

so today, in the face of difficulty and ambiguity, i am thankful for:

my education. (and the beauties who i got it with.)

a husband who can handle my crazy and bring me back to sanity.

iron & wine and their new album.

modern family.

that i get to work here, in this cute little cottage, and not in some cubicle or office building somewhere.

the idea that i get to fly back to swaziland and hug on these little beauties this summer.

double-stuffed oreos and peanut-butter.

french-pressed coffee.

the sunshine.

and the grace of a God who doesn't expect me to be perfect, just loving.


jamie said...

i love you erin. i needed this reminder. you are beautiful inside and out and always always always.

Heather said...

You have a lot of good things to be happy with, you're a lucky lady<3