Thursday, January 20, 2011

this weekend.

it's thursday, which is my friday.
since last thursday i've gotten to spend a considerable amount of time with a good handful of my girlfriends. that was so needed. (thank you allie, amy, marina, marissa, elyse and leah.)
the sun is shining again and it's reminiscent of summer and feels oh so good.
and i'm diggin' my outfit today, which feels shallow to say but hey! it's adding to my good mood.

this weekend will include (but is not limited to):
  • wine and grey's anatomy with the crew.
  • getting my nails done with my baby sister.
  • attending an "all-american" themed bbq for her, since she leaves for a semester in florence on monday.
  • husband leading worship at my church. (i still swoon when i hear him sing.)
  • laying in the sun and reading "the girl who played with fire."
  • a breakfast burrito picnic at the park with my love.
  • cleaning. finally. (this is not a chore, i love to clean.)
dear weekend, thank you for coming so quickly and being filled with so much potential loveliness. ready or not, here i come.

p.s. last weekend i rode bikes with allie. it was the first time i'd gotten on a bike since a very traumatic mountain biking experience a few years ago (husband would say i'm being dramatic) so needless to say i was petrified. turns out, riding bikes might be the best thing in the world. i've been obsessed with building my own with urban outfitters. click here to spend hours making every color combo of cute bikes imaginable. so fun. now i've definitely got something to save my pennies for... (that, and a coachella ticket... mmm..)


Amy G. said...

Coachella FIRST! Please!

marisa said...

I'm now obsessed with making bikes! I think I'll ask for that plato one for my bday. :)

Have a happy weekend love! And let's hangout! I'll write you via fb for your number soon!